Saturday, June 24, 2006

Ohhh Canada!

Check out this link and really appreciate that we live in such an extraordinary country.

I saw footage tonight on CNN of haunting unimaginable circumstances that face refugees all around the world... in particular Africa.

- In Congo its legal for soldiers to rape women. Countless victims.... including one women gang raped for 8 straight days and nights by 15 soldiers now is crippled and forced to walk with a cane. Another women gang raped for 3 days and nights straight while her husband and children were forced to watch. In the end her husband was slaughtered by the soldiers.

- Rwandan women repeately victims of rape from the genocide, left with AIDS and children, who will shortly die and leave AIDS orphans behind.

-Images of children with their heads bandaged because they were attacked with Macheties.

-Gangs kidnapping hundreds of children at a time for the last 20 years because they are more vulnable and can be brainwashed and intimidated into becoming killing and raping machines.

-A great grandmother and her bowl of leaves she's crushed up and will boil later to feed dozens of family members.... unfortunately the children don't get enough nutrition from the leaves and between 20 and 30 of her grandchildren and great-grandchildren have passed away due to malnutrition.

- An airplane dropping bags of grain to a refugee camp gets rationed out to families..... the rations looked to be the size of a 2L ice cream container... it could be months before another plane makes a drop.

It certainly is harder to relate to circumstances in Africa and we think the Western world seems to be on top of things, abiding by Humanitarian laws. I was shocked to read a few months back that in France a woman dies every 4 days after being beaten by her partner. When women file a report against their husbands, they are more than likely returned to their husbands and welcomed with an even more severe beating than they received in the first place.

It's disheartening and surreal seeing and reading about all these different cases... wondering if there is anything you can do to create change and make a significant difference. I feel overwhelmed with gratitute knowing that I have a healthy family who is always there for me ensuring a have a roof over my head, food in my belly and love in my heart.

Cheers to all you Canadians who make this country a a great place to live in!

Tragically not Hip enough to draw Gord

Alright.... so I stepped away from the last drawing really irritated with what I drew... analyzing the crap out of it, and decided the only thing to do was to start over and do a better Gord Downie because the whole point of drawing him was to do a tribute to The Tragically Hip..... cuz I can't wait to see them again..... and obviously the last drawing looks like no one I've ever seen.... BUT now I'm even more irritated because he still doesn't look like Gord and I can't figure out why...... so if yous guys can tell me where I went wrong that would be totally awesome!! Or better yet if any of yas wanted to do your own Gord's would love to see how you guys approach him. He's freakin hard to draw while he's gimpin out on stage!

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Something fresh

Just thought I'd try something new.... and post something that took me longer than 20 seconds to fart out. . Have a great weekend!

Monday, June 19, 2006


Gotta give a shoutout to my saskamatoon boyz who have helped me improve an enormous amount here at Helix. The first two weeks here I thought for sure I'd get canned.... my work was um.... well lets just say it was in a league of its own. A huge thanks to these whackos... I mean Totally Tubular Dudes... and the rest of my crew for keepin me sane (yeah i look real sane here) and helping me get through through the tough days.

Behind me is Superman.... I mean... Chris Hankewich.... or something like that.... it rhymes with sandwich....... I think he's practicing his moves so he can be cast in the sequel. I'm in the middle with my my sexy pose (that doesn't at all resemble Quasimoto's).... and poor Chris Weime nervously laughing, wondering what went wrong in his life that got him stuck at work on a saturday afternoon with two nutbags......

Much love to the Saskamatoon posse..... can't wait to party with all of yas on Canada day!! wooo wooo!

Thursday, June 15, 2006

The Evolution of Caroline

Left: CJ age 4.... Cute little kid wasn't I with my Horrible bowl cut.... out to go catch some salamanders and worms. Too much fun!

Right: CJ Grade 4......Florescent pink shorts up to my chest with my matching pink NKOTB t-shirt....... and to match I have a dozen florescent elastic bands in my ponytail.... styling for my basketball team.

Bottom...... High School..... Cj develops love handles..... Sister Jen decides it would be cute to name them Bubble and Bobble after the fat blobby Nintendo characters. That Jennie Poo.... she's soooooooooo freakin funny isn't she..... HA HA HEEE HEEEE HO HAA HAAA HO. Luckily we deported her ass to Scotland. True story.

Top: UNB years...... Caroline decides the 5 Year program is more suitable after she discovers that university is one big party full of free beer and all you can eat buffet.

Caroline goes to College for 2 Years, loses the weight, develops an animators hunch, enormous saggy boobs (thank you LaSenza for saving my girls) and literally works her ass off to oblivion. .... which brings us now to the Present Day Hungry Bum Blues.... as seen in my previous post.

What's in store for Caroline's Future...... One can only imagine the possibilities......

Scenario 1: Some poor lad knocks up CJ. Unfotunately her super extra ginormous prego boobs suffocate her and she's a gonner.

Scenario 2 (Top): While CJ's friends's asses start doing the inevitable sag to the ground, CJ's love handles move down south and finally form her a butt.

Scenario 3 (Right): After paying 10 years of student loans this starving artist is joyous... although has faded away to nothing.

Scenario 4: After having kids CJ chops her hair, perms it and decides it's stylish to wear her tapered leg pants up to her boobs that hang over your belt. Yeeeeesh..... why do mom's do that!?!?


Sunday, June 04, 2006

Hungry Bum Blues

K so it's no secret that I have the flattest ass in the universe.... I mean it's sexy and all, but seriously it's frickin hard to buy fundies..... I went a little nuts at LaSenza this past weekend only to find out that the size Mediums I bought are a bit saggy... which only leads to major wedgies. It's not like a size small will ever fit a girl who can polish off a 2L of ice cream in less than 2 days. This is a major problem people..... What the F am I supposed to do?!?!? Please help!