Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Stones in Halifax!!

I dunno where these old dudes get their energy but man they sure know how to rock on stage! Can't wait to see em rock Hali in September!! Woooooo wooooo!!!

Ron, Charlie and Keith are really small on the page so it was hard to get them nice and wrinkly... but oh well.... who knows... maybe I'll make a large version and do it right.


Saturday, July 22, 2006


Sooo apparently I'm not accepted into Brain Academy.... What the F ?!?!??! This nintendo game measures how smart you are... apparently the heavier the brain, the smarter you are.... everyone at the studio got between a 1,000g to a 1,300 gram brain which means they're pretty smart.... I on the other hand scored a 374g brain.... yup that's not a typo 374.......... yeeeeeeahhhhh..... I got a D- and Barlett tells me there's no F grade.

I can't figure out why the game called me stupid..... Barlett probably reprogrammed it to get those results... I always suspected he was jealous of my geniusness... Bastard!! haha..... it couldn't have been a result of Mom dropping me on my head in preschool when she was carrying me on her shoulders....... I'm sure me and Alexander Keiths will figure this out.

Monday, July 17, 2006

Happy Birthday Week Gilly and Ma-chelle!

These are the two classiest girls I could find that would let me be their best friends.... (and our favorite little midget in behind!) These girls make me laugh my nuts off! I mean seriously.... who changes the Choochoo's sign (a pub in lil old Miramichi, New Brunswick) to say Penis Kareoke! Geniuses they are!

And thanks to my favorite ladies we have a new holiday called Truck Day! March 15th... Write it down! Basically because they got run over by a truck at a crosswalk and lived to tell about it, we celebrate Truck Day every year by taking the day off and celebrating their lives by getting Shmammered! It's the only appropriate thing to do!

The second pic is on the truck day mystery bus tour. Laura Watton and I wanted to get them some truckers hats as presents for not being dead.... our little journey to the salvation army turned out to be quite the adventure.

Saturday (day of Mystery bus tour)
1pm: walk to salvation army..... on the way some random guy opens his door and asks us if we want to come in for a drink.
of course we went in.... free beer.

we tell the boys about truck day and our mission for the hats. One of the guys was wearing the No Guts No Glory hats..... he felt like he had to give us the hat after his buddy kept telling him to give it to us..... Sweeeet sweeet score! It even has mesh back to it!

2pm: We had to get moving so we kept walking... on the way there was a little bar we had never been in before, so naturally it would be rude to just pass it and not check it out....

Because we tipped the bartender, he came over with a free pitcher of beer.... No word of a lie! We told him and the 70 year old man who was hitting on Laura about our mission for truckers hats.... the bartender searched the lost and found but it was all gross hats so we passed. But on the bright side, he told us if we bought one more beer he'd give us another pitcher for free.

4:30pm.. we had to get to Salvation army.... we only had one Glad You're Not Dead Happy Truck day present...... The store had just closed minutes ago.... I knocked on the door and asked her if we could come in and buy a hat...... Pretty sure we scared the poor old lady...... We were stuck..... we only had about an hour until we had to catch the bus for the Mystery bus tour.

We went back to the bar, searched the lost and found... there was nothing good. We went back to the original house that got us started on the beers, and hoped that they had another hat. They were all in Forestry so they definitely did. And by this time they were so hammered they even offered up a Styll Forestry hat with a matching pair of florescent orange suspenders!! Ohhh yeah! Giggidy giggidy!

And do you know what my ladies did.... Oh Yeah! They wore them with pride that night!!!

Cheers to the funnest ladies alive! Love you girls! Happy Birtday Biotches!!!!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

"Striker" My Biker Dude Husband To Be

Sooo what do you do when a gang of 25 bad ass Hell's Angels try to chat it up with the girl walking by with the pigtails?!?!
She walks by and says, "In your dreams pal!!" ohhhhh Burrrrnnnn!! Take that Hell's Angels! . (I'm extremely bad to the bone)
She goes home and makes some comic strip panels about what her life would be like if she became a biker chick.

This is Striker...... he's a hit man and my husband to be.... he'll strike you like lightning..... BAM!! (hence the bad ass lightning bolt tattoo on his head.)

Stay tuned!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Monster invasion


Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Kiss the Cook

Sunday, July 09, 2006

In Case you were wondering...

Hankewich has been calling me Uncool Caroline lately..... which as you can imagine sounds completely ridiculous.... I mean Cool and Caroline just naturally go together.... or so I thought... We saw this kid at Fortress Louiseburg I realized, I look nothing like cool. What the hell?!?!